Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: This agreement is with Remodeling Solutions (hereafter RS). Pricing & Renewal – Pricing applies to homes under 4,000 square feet. For larger homes, please request a quote. Materials are not included except where indicated on the checklists. This contract applies to a single home only at the address listed on this contract. Your Home Maintenance Plan is not the same thing as a Handyman Service Plan. Handyman Service Plans are a separate agreement. Standard working hours included (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mon. through Fri.). Call out or overtime not included. Emergency and after-hours handyman services are available for an additional fee. Agreement will be automatically renewed on an annual basis until customer makes RS aware in writing that they are declining our services. RS reserves the right to make changes at renewal. Cancellation Policy – Agreement may be cancelled with 30 days written notice at any time. If you desire to cancel, please let us know and we will send you a final invoice for all services rendered and the contract will be cancelled. Payments – If installment payment plan is selected, payment will be due in four equal installments at date of signature, 90 days after signature, 180 days after signature and 270 days after signature. We accept cash, credit cards or checks. Warranty – Materials supplied by RS include manufacturer’s warranty. Where applicable, individual product manufacturer warrants and guarantees apply. Labor on installation of materials supplied by RS is warrantied for a period of one year against improper installation. Hazardous Material – The determination of the presence of any hazardous material or pollutants (i.e. asbestos, molds, acids, etc., excluding lead in pre-1978 houses) is solely the responsibility of the building owner. RS has not made and is not required to make any determination of whether the premises contains or is free of hazardous material or pollutants. The building owner warrants and represents that there are no hazardous materials or pollutants present in the area to be disturbed by this construction project. 1. Should hazardous material or pollutants, excluding lead in pre-1978 houses, be discovered at any time, it will be the building owner’s responsibility to: a. provide any and all testing; b. have material properly removed and disposed of; c. hold harmless RS and any subcontractors from any liability relating to clean-up expense, personal injury, or property loss; d. pay RS for any and all work completed as of the time of discovery; and e. indemnify contractor for any injuries or damages incurred by contractor as a result of said hazardous material or pollutants. Owner is responsible for the condition of the structure and the existing materials contained therein. If any of the existing materials in the structure contain any hazardous material (as defined by the EPA) or pollutants (as defined by contractor’s general liability insurance policy), Owner agrees to indemnify and hold contractor, and any subcontractor or vendor of contractor, harmless for any damages incurred by Owner, contractor or any third person as a result of any such hazardous material or pollutants during the performance of this Agreement. Legal Fees – If RS engages in legal counsel to enforce any terms or conditions of the contract documents, the initiation of any arbitration or legal proceedings, the prevailing party shall be entitled to prompt payment and reimbursement in full from all of its attorney’s fees and costs. Finishes – RS shall use best efforts to match existing finishes and materials. However, an exact match is not guaranteed due to such factors as discoloration from aging, a difference in dye lots, and the difficulty of exactly matching certain finishes, colors, and surfaces. Unless stated otherwise, there is no allowance for matching non-standard moldings or other materials. Materials – Additional time and materials not included in this proposal will be charged in addition to this contract. Necessary parts not provided by the customer, or parts unacceptable for installation by customer due to safety concerns or quality concerns, will be provided by RS for installation at an additional charge. Customer is welcome to provide a secondary product or part. Special equipment (i.e. scaffolding, lifts, etc.) not included. Remodeling Solutions cannot and does not guarantee against future damages or failures after the services.

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